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It's a lot but someone has to do it right? Not a "know it all" but I want to know it all and do it well. All about making the job easier, cost effective and finishing on time. Having that go to team player with the know how and ability to do the heavy lifting and support is what our industry is about.Photographs, Video [videography, music videos, commercials, short films and full features], that goes for post production. I like the change of pace and whatever life has to offer.




 In recent years, Andrew has had the opportunity to work with major professionals on a variety of film and media projects including Universal’s “Aliens Ate My Homework” & sequel “Aliens Stole My Body”, Greg Strasz’ “Megan”, and Ana Barredo’s “The Year I Did Nothing”.

His film production experience includes stints at Lay-Carnagey Entertainment and with prolific Hollywood production designer Carol Wood coordinating and managing multiple departments including the conceptual art / storyboards team, scenic construction, effects miniatures, props, camera department and production management.


His latest endeavor is Andrew Towe Creative, a new firm under his direction which focuses on TV/Film and photography services for TV, Full Feature Films, Documentaries, digital media, and print/promotional projects. Recent credits under his new firm include producing, cinematography and photography on a variety of projects including director Ana Barredo’s feature film “The Year I Did Nothing”, Producer Steve Ecclesine’s “So You Want to be a Producer” & “Have you heard about Greg?”, and multiple Star Trek feature-length documentaries for director Roger Lay, Jr. Andrew’s professional experience also extends to interactive multimedia and computer animation projects.


Andrew holds a business degree from The Art Institute, as well as Editing Software Engineering Certification from University of New Mexico, and Photography/Cinematography certifications from Pasadena College.

I am a supporter of:

Black Lives Matter:

Women In Film:

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